Pokemon GO Radar Pebble Watchapp PoC

Pokemon GO Radar Pebble Watchapp PoC

Here’s a dangerously early preview of the Pokemon GO Radar Pebble Watchapp I’ve been working on with @mathew and an all-star cast on the #pokemon channel on pebbledev.slack.com!

To reiterate, this is an extremely early preview, and lacks basic courtesies such as ensuring the back end is up or that Bluetooth or network connectivity exist. What it does do is show you what Pokemon are nearest to you, updated every fifteen seconds. Hopefully. If the all the required servers are up, and everything’s talking to everything properly… (。_゜)

Who's that Pokemon? It's...Wigglytuff - just like my Pebble said!

This is just a poorly-coded sliver of planned functionality – to find out more, or share feedback, join us on #pokemon channel on pebbledev.slack.com, or hit me up on Twitter or in the Comments below…(^_-)

Download .pbw

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4 Responses to Pokemon GO Radar Pebble Watchapp PoC
  1. DC Reply

    Found this morning, and was a nice tool to have to instantly check what was around me rather than pulling phone out and checking. Granted it didn’t work half the day, and I have a feeling I know why, but now its not working at all anymore. Hopefully some work around or compromise comes up, as this was an awesome idea, and great setup.

    • ishotjr Reply

      Thank you! We are aware of the issue and are actively developing a workaround (and some really exciting new features!)… :)

  2. Ryu Reply

    So… Is this going to work considering the latest Pokemon Go update?

    • ishotjr Reply

      I have an updated version running on my wrist right now using a new unknown6-aware back end, and it’s working well – still some work to do, including figuring out how to scale, but…things are looking good! :)

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