Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U and 3DS

I Love Poogie Guild CardI don’t really consider myself a big gamer – not necessarily by choice, as much as due to lack of time – but there are a handful of franchises that I care about (for some reason mostly belonging to Capcom), and the Monster Hunter series is certainly among my favorites.  I first discovered this universe by a very strange means: merchandise of a relatively minor character from the series – the Poogie.  This lead me to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP, after which I eagerly anticipated the 2010 release of Monster Hunter Tri for Wii.  As much as I loved Tri, I didn’t get very far into it due to the limited amount of time that our TV is not already in use for something else, vs. being able to pop open my PSPgo whenever I had a few spare moments.  As such, the ability to transfer MH3U save game data between the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game is of immense appeal – I can pick up Quests whenever time allows (and enjoy them in 3D!) on the 3DS, then transfer to the Wii U for big-screen enjoyment and online play when I have more time (and the family TV) available.  Bizarrely, the required app is not available at launch, though it may be some time until I’m able to dive into the Wii U version anyway.  And far more importantly, I can snuggle a Poogie, right now, in 3D! ( =^)☆( ´(00)`)

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