Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad – First Impressions

My Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover arrived out of the blue today – I’d placed an order on Amazon.com when I first learned about the device, but it wasn’t in stock (seemingly anywhere) and my initial excitement about it had receded with so many other new shiny things coming out recently.  It arrived in the slim packaging more typically associated with book shipments, further confusing the matter.  Despite concern over the ordering of “Designed to impress, type in style” on the front of the box, my excitement was quickly rekindled as I explored the contents.  In addition to the Keyboard Cover, the box contained a few small instruction booklets, a short micro-USB cable (for the bi-annual charge!) and a cleaning cloth (for that glossy surface) – unfortunately adhered in such a way that it tore upon removal.

The iPad is superb for media consumption, but I still find myself reaching for a keyboard-equipped device when I have non-trivial emails to compose or need to spend significant time entering or reworking notes in Evernote.  The Ultrathin Keyboard has so far proven a superb solution to these input-intensive scenarios, while also delivering on the latter portion of its name – the Cover mimics the iPad’s styling and sturdiness with an aluminum construction (just the cover – the upper portion is all plastic – we’re not talking unibody here) – in my estimation, an amazing value at $99 compared to $69 for a Leather Smart Cover. In addition to exceeding my expectations as a keyboard and cover, I’m already finding new uses for it beyond text entry – the angle is ideal for watching video and positioning the speaker for listening to podcasts etc. (I long ago abandoned the feeble smart cover which continually flopped over when use was attempted at a similar angle).  The real test is to come on Thursday when I will attempt to rely on only the iPad/Keyboard Cover combo for an entire workday (albeit a workday fairly fully laden with meetings) – while the iPad will not replace my workhorse desktop any time soon, I’m hoping it can at least provide some productivity between meetings and obviate the need for a laptop on meeting-heavy days! \_ヘ(^_^ヘ)

[Note: the majority of this post was composed using the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover!  Resorted to desktop for review and image upload, but iPad captured the bulk incredibly effectively!]

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