Fatboy Slim in the Cinema: Live From The Big Beach Bootique

Seeing Fatboy Slim at Motor in Hamtramck was a seminal moment in my Big Beat history – eclipsed perhaps only by an even more amazing show at Clutch Cargo’s where Norman Cook escaped the typical DJ booth and performed as crowds thronged around his boxing ring.  The only possible way to top this might be making a pilgrimage to Brighton for a Big Beach Boutique event – though the chances of that happening seemed increasingly slim.  Enter Fatboy Slim: Live From The Big Beach Bootique - a worldwide broadcast of the BBB5 event from earlier this year.  Cinemas across the globe broadcast the one-day-only experience on Friday, August 31st.  The “Live” was a little misleading, since the footage was from June, and it was not simulcast, but it was still impressively engaging to the point where the sticky floors and (empty!) rows of theater seats soon faded away and disolved into the giant party… ヘ(^_^ヘ)   (ノ^_^)ノ

A big thanks to the appropriately-named Rave Cinemas for bringing this cinematic spectacle to the US!

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