First Arm AIoT Dev Summit in Pictures

The first ever Arm AIoT Dev Summit took place this December 2nd-3rd at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The event was amazing beyond words…so here’s some pictures instead!

Anamanaguchi and Sabrepulse at the Blind Pig

Tonight at The Blind Pig: Anamanaguchi & Sabrepulse & TusksI had already bought my tickets and was greatly looking forward to seeing Anamanaguchi at the Blind Pig, but the surprise addition of Sabrepulse to that night’s lineup was like (A Very Chiptune) Christmas come early!  After an atypically long (and freezing cold!) line, all the way around the corner and down Washington, and an uncharacteristically unfriendly and drama-filled experience at the door, we (well, some of us
( ̄へ ̄)) made it in just before Sabrepulse was about to start:

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July the 19th

TED: July the nineteenth … why does that strike me as important?

DOUGAL: Yes! (To Ted.)  Ah, July the nineteenth … I wouldn’t know Ted, y’big bollocks.

TED: Anyway … any idea why July the nineteenth should be so important?

DOUGAL: Would that be the day the Ice Age ended?

TED: No Dougal – you can’t be that precise about the Ice Age!

DOUGAL: I’ll look it up in the diary.

DOUGAL: July nineteenth…’On This Day’… ‘Galway liberated from Indians’ … ‘Marathon becomes Snickers‘ … Aha! Ted. ‘Ice Age ends’!

-Father Ted “Hell” (TV Episode)

Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 2012 Free Prix Day

The first Formula 1 race I ever attended was the 1987 Detroit Grand Prix, held on the streets of Detroit around the Renaissance Center.  Twenty five years later, Detroit is once again host to open-wheel racing, though this time it’s the streets of Belle Isle, and the American IndyCar series rather than premier worldwide series, Formula 1.  Free Prix Day is a chance to see the cars and teams up close as well as watch practice for each series and GRAND-AM qualifying – all for free!

Best of Show: Subaru BRZ

Ever since seeing the FT-86 Concept preview on Gran Turismo 5, I’ve wondered if I might soon sate my desire for a new RWD sport compact.  I’ve always been impressed with Subaru’s design – specifically their ability to make me detest what should from a technical standpoint be a very appealing car – so it was with a fair amount of amazement that I found myself favoring the Subaru flavor of the spiritual successor to the legendary Hachi-Roku upon having the chance to compare the two at the Detroit Auto Show!

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