Anamanaguchi and Sabrepulse at the Blind Pig

Tonight at The Blind Pig: Anamanaguchi & Sabrepulse & TusksI had already bought my tickets and was greatly looking forward to seeing Anamanaguchi at the Blind Pig, but the surprise addition of Sabrepulse to that night’s lineup was like (A Very Chiptune) Christmas come early!  After an atypically long (and freezing cold!) line, all the way around the corner and down Washington, and an uncharacteristically unfriendly and drama-filled experience at the door, we (well, some of us
( ̄へ ̄)) made it in just before Sabrepulse was about to start:

His set consisted mostly of mashups and re-stylings of his more popular tracks, as well as some new material, and closed with, of all things…an LSDJ cover of White Christmas!

[Yay, Sabrepulse favorited the above tweet! (^o^)=b]

Anamanaguchi followed after a fairly extended break, with what had to have been the most impressive visuals I’ve seen at the Blind Pig, thanks to their new tour kit from their wildly successful Kickstarter project:

In addition to the lights and projection cubes, most tracks had specific associated visuals of some sort – often frenetic and bizarre, like a sort of live performance equivalent of Nyan Cat…in fact featuring Nyan Cat at points:

And at other times 16-bit/manga-esque, such as those for Prom Night:

as well as classic sprites and of course random floating DMG-01s:

I don’t think I’ve seen so many people so happy in all of my many ventures to the Blind Pig.  Hassles at the door and a few pushy assholes aside, it was an amazing night – and I’m still trying to expunge the atomized sweat of several hundred nerds from my lungs! (T-T)b

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