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For some reason I feel compelled to keep a log of my Twitter Profile Pictures and explain their relevance.  This is that log. (o_O)

Tom – this was my first profile pic, and its relevance should be fairly obvious – if not, here’s a refresher.

??? – this was my next choice – I’m going to withhold explanation for the time being, since if anyone can tell me who this without explanation, they deserve some sort of prize or something!

Starman – my brother and I spent many happy hours with the masked space traveler from the 1987 NES game Pro Wresting, Starman.  He was always my favorite character, and his lucha libre-style mask echoes the anonymity of my own semi-concealed Ish Ot Jr. identity.  Plus the colors kind of match the palette!

The Gender Bender – the character comes from an episode of Futurama, but more specifically this incarnation is from Steve Matchett‘s Chalk Talk - and I thought it would make a fun tribute to our shared excitement about the new season of Futurama.

The Black Brad Pitt – I had asked @mumdance about what sounded like an unreleased @XDannyXBrownX track in Different Circles – Level Twohe was keeping mum (*´ο`*), but I asked again when Level Four dropped – and Evil Nine saw my ‪#ImTheBlackBradPitt‬ hashtag and replied with a picture – and eventually explained that the track was them featuring Danny Brown, to be released in August.  Mystery solved thanks to ‪#ImTheBlackBradPitt‬ and the power of Twitter! □_ヾ(・_・ )

3 Responses to Twitter Profile Pictures
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  2. Andrew Reply

    This mystery has been haunting me from the day I met you. I thought perhaps you were living some alternate life as a global movie-star DJ party-animal. Now I know and it’s much less interesting ;-)

    • ishotjr Reply

      I’m not sure that this revelation predicates your conclusion! ;)

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