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About the Name

At the risk of disappointing Dallas fans everywhere, I actually selected the name for this site based on a T-shirt which Tom is often seen wearing in the superb Arthur Mathews/Graham Linehan comedy Father Ted.  I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen an episode of Dallas!

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5 Responses to About
  1. Felis Reply

    PW-Dos watchface is awesome. Missing a 12/24 hour option.

    Would be nice to select 12 hour format

  2. ishotjr Reply

    Thanks – it’s on the list – will do! :)

  3. stephen maw Reply

    Need help. Deleted my Pebble App from my iPhone. The App Store no longer has the Pebble App. Is there anyway of installing the Pebble App once deleted?

  4. Rob M Grellman Reply

    Hi There, I’m a Pebble Fan and wondering if it’s possible to get help from you, thanks in advance !!

    • ishotjr Reply

      of course! what’s up? :)

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