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Review: Making Isometric Social Real-Time Games with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

I own a lot of O’Reilly books.  It may not even be exaggerating to say that I own most recent O’Reilly releases – my eBook purchases from the past couple of years top three figures.  So, it’s honestly a bit shocking to find a book that was published in August of 2011, and of interest to me, which I’ve not already snapped up in the intervening period.  In this case, it took the attendance of the intriguingly-named webcast Applying Old Video Game Performance Techniques to Modern Web-based Games for me to discover Making Isometric Social Real-Time Games with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.  I was so enthralled by the concepts that presenter/author Mario Andres Pagella shared in his short lecture that I not only Read More…

O’Reilly Media Dropbox Sync! (Beta)

I am a massive O’Reilly fan, and a serious consumer of eBooks – but one of the greatest hassles with my ever-burgeoning collection is organizing my library and syncing it to my various devices.  O’Reilly is currently beta testing a feature that allows you to sync any or all of your eBooks with your Dropbox account, in whichever format(s) you prefer; I think they chose me since I own an absurd quantity of their publications (I basically have my own personally Safari!) – so having my purchases automatically downloaded onto my desktop machine, and one click away on my NOOK Color, iPad, or phone, is huge! (♥o♥)  The NOOK Simple Touch, since it lacks a Dropbox app (or any apps, without rooting) is now the only remaining device which will be seeing a USB cable any time soon!

Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 2012 Free Prix Day

The first Formula 1 race I ever attended was the 1987 Detroit Grand Prix, held on the streets of Detroit around the Renaissance Center.  Twenty five years later, Detroit is once again host to open-wheel racing, though this time it’s the streets of Belle Isle, and the American IndyCar series rather than premier worldwide series, Formula 1.  Free Prix Day is a chance to see the cars and teams up close as well as watch practice for each series and GRAND-AM qualifying – all for free!

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