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Review: Google Script: Enterprise Application Essentials – Part I

I purchased Google Script: Enterprise Application Essentials By James Ferreira via O’Reilly’s excellent Deals of the Day scheme, whereby they offer an eBook each day at 50% off of their already very reasonable prices.  I often find this an excellent opportunity to pick up books on topics that I’m interested in but might not have been willing to pay full price for.  There were no reviews yet, but it seemed that for $12, even if all I got out of it was a few gmail and doc tricks, it would still be well worth it!

The book is divided into three parts:  Read More…

Best of Show: Subaru BRZ

Ever since seeing the FT-86 Concept preview on Gran Turismo 5, I’ve wondered if I might soon sate my desire for a new RWD sport compact.  I’ve always been impressed with Subaru’s design – specifically their ability to make me detest what should from a technical standpoint be a very appealing car – so it was with a fair amount of amazement that I found myself favoring the Subaru flavor of the spiritual successor to the legendary Hachi-Roku upon having the chance to compare the two at the Detroit Auto Show!

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Solved: Motorola Droid X Performance Issues

I was really pleased with my Droid X when I first got it.  Such a big screen!  So much potential!  But at some point things started to slow down – a lot – to the point where just about everything – even answering a phone call – was somewhere between an unpleasant chore and impossible at times.  I lived with it – I don’t really need a smartphone, I sit in front of a desk most of the time while my X sits in its lovely little docking station – and I have more mobile devices and gadgets than I can count, so, they just took over focus from my frustrating phone.  Then Read More…

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